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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Who trains NRA Instructors?

A: Instructor training courses are conducted by NRA Training Counselors (TC's). Training Counselors are active and experienced instructors who have been certified by NRA to train experienced shooters to teach others to shoot. NRA Instructor Training courses are posted at and here on our site.

Q: What is BIT and do I need to take it to become an instructor?

A: Basic Instructor Training (BIT) is the first six lessons of every Instructor class. The 6-8 hour NRA BIT part of the course helps you develop the additional knowledge, skills and techniques needed to organize and teach courses in the NRA Basic Firearm Training Program.

Q: How often do I need to take BIT? 

A: Even though BIT is the first part of every course, the Training Counselor has the option of not requiring you to retake this part of the class if you have completed BIT within the last two years. At RTS we do not require you to retake BIT if you completed it with us within the last two years.

Q: What if I completed the BIT class with different Training Counselor?

A: If you took BIT with another Training Counselor we request that you to get a document from them with the completion date listed and contact information. We also require you to retake the BIT test that you previously completed, with a 90% minimum score, instead of retaking those six lessons (8 hrs.) over again. You can schedule to retake the BIT test (open book) at any time before the class rather than waiting for the day of the class.

Q: Can I take classes with another Training Couselor without taking BIT again?

A: As long as you completed BIT within the last two years, that decision is entirely up to the other Training Counselor. Upon your reqest, we will provide you with a RTS cerfificate with your completion date and our contact information. The other TC's are not required to accept it, however other TC's have always accepted our certificates in the past. Since this is not a seperate NRA class, there are no offical NRA certificates to document your completion.

Q:  If BIT is part of the class why do I have to pay seperately to take it?

A: Because here at RTS we break the class into two seperate weekends (to prevent overload and facilty scheduling restrictions). We charge a minimal cost just to cover our expenses in case you do not return to take the rest of the class(es). We do however reduce the cost of the discipline class(es) to save you more than the cost of BIT. That also means that if you took BIT with another TC, you will not get the RTS BIT discount ($25 off each discipline - ie rifle, pistol, shotgun instructor, CRSO, etc.).

Q: What do I need to bring with me to class?

A: 1) For non-shooting classes all you need to bring is a smile, a good attitude, and lunch (drinks & snacks provided by RTS). 2) For shooting classes you need your own firearms, ammunition, eyes, and ears. RTS can loan these to you if you forget something or dont have appropriate firearms to pass the shooting requirements. (If you use our firearms, we will require a $10 cleaning fee that we pass on to the youth that will then clean that firearm after class is over - added donations accepted.)

Q: I need a class sooner than you have them scheduled. How do I schedule a class?

A: Contact the RTS Class Director or General Manager directly (Contact Us). Find an appropraite time (two weeks in advance) on the class calendar. If you cannot/do not give us 10 working days advance notice, the 2-3 day priority mail fee will be passed on to you; it can double the materials cost.)  We have multiple TC's on the RTS staff so Wednesdays and multiple classes on the same weekend are sometimes available. We can also schedule non-shooting classes in the evenings during the week. All we need are a minimum of four (4) qualified people to sign up for the class. We will publish the class to try to find enough attendees or you can gather friends and/or associates that would like the same class and schedule. We will do everything in our power to meet your timing requirements.

Q: What kind of insurance do you have?

A: RTS carries a two million dollar ($2,000,000.00) Firearms Instructor Plus Liability Insurance administered by Lockton Affinity, LLC. The Firearms Instructor Plus Liability Plan is for instructors who want Professional Liability coverage in addition to General Liability. The advantage of this plan is that it is broader, is a Commercial General Liability insurance policy, and acts as primary coverage. We add ranges, where we regularly instruct at, as co-owners on the policy to reduce their liability in case of an accident. We will provide you with a cover sheet upon request.

Q: What kind of snacks do you provide during the classs?

A: At RTS we encourage healthy snacks so we always bring a mixed vegetable tray with some sort of dip on the side, a creamy dressing. However, to keep the sweet tooth satisfied, we usually provide fresh cookies and donuts. We also provide individually wrapped Life Savers and Jolly Rancher hard candy. For drink we offer coffee (caffeinated - with four types of sweetners and multiple creamers), bottled water, and mineral water. Depending on location we will also have Iced Green Tea. You may store food/drink/medication in our ice chest, along with the water, if you like.

Q: Where do you instruct at?

A: Anywhere you want us to, if the range allows us to. Our primary locations are Yolo Sportsmens Assoc. in Davis ( and Sac Valley in Sloughhouse ( Sac Valley offers more diversity but at a higher price. Yolo is smaller and harder to schedule but feels more homey and is slightly less expensive. We are always looking for other ranges to instruct at, please call us if you know a range that would like to increase their utilization and get serious discounts for their staff training by hosting a training center.


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