Level 2, Intermediate Archery Instructor Certification
Certified Intermediate Archery Instructor

In the 2+-Day course, you'll learn how to teach the specific steps of shooting,
to identify and correct form errors, to conduct training exercises using
the official "Drills & Skills" student guidebook, and to teach a
Basic Instructor course for your staff .
"Intermediate Instructor"  is a joint certification of USA Archery and National Field Archery Association, and is geared towards leaders of camps, schools, recreation and youth agencies, and archery clubs.
4-year certification

Course Requirements:
-Participants must be 18 years or older
-Previous Basic Instructor training, or have at least 6-months experience in the sport of archery.
-Membership in either USA Archery or NFAA (may join as part of coursework)
-Successful national background check
You must have prior experience as Basic Instructor or have been teaching archery for 6 months or more. You are expected to know the parts of the bow and arrows and how to shoot archery, and have an interest in teaching archery..  An entrance exam must be passed with 70% or better to enter the class. The entrance exam covers the material in the Basic Instructor's Course.
The  final exam is a closed book, written exam. The written exam will be corrected after everyone has completed the exam. If you have learning disabilities or language differences and need to take a modified written exam, please discuss this with the Instructor before you register for the class.
There will also be a practical exam .
Course Content:
- Intermediate teaching techniques.
- Steps of Shooting
- Class schedules and exercises.
- How to teach a Basic Instructor Course.
- Sample lesson plans.
- How to teach more "Drills & Skills" to archers.
B.E.S.T. method training skills

Chapter 1 -The World of Archery
An introduction to the sport of archery as it is played today.
Target Archery
Olympic Archery
Outdoor Target Archery
International events
Indoor Target Archery
National and International Events
Field Archery
3-D Archery
Traditional Archery
Archery Organizations
Chapter 2  Review Basic Instructor Course
Warm-up and Stretching
Chapter 3  Steps of Shooting
Recurve/Long Bow Fingers
Compound Release
Chapter 4 - Developing Archery Skills
Methods of Instruction
Coaching Positions
Chapter 5 - Class Formats
Class schedule
Warm-up and stretch
Hand out equipment
Review previously taught Drills and Skills
Practice and evaluation of previously taught Drills and Skills
Introduce new Drills and Skills
Practice, correction and evaluation of new Drills and Skills
Skills test or game
Review drills to practice at home
Put equipment away
Chapter 6 - Class Exercises
Drills and Skills
Chapter 9 - Archery Activities
Target  Indoor and Outdoor Rounds
Achievement Programs
Chapter 10
Teaching a Basic Instructor Course
Course Outline
Lesson Plans
Time schedule
For Program Directors

This course will enable your qualified staff participant to learn not only intermediate instructor skills, but also how to teach the Basic Certification to the rest of your staff.

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